2023 Championship Rules
The scoring Matrix can be found here
  • Anyone can compete at championship rounds, but points are only awarded to those who are current SIKC financial members on the day of the race meet and have completed their Club Duty during 2023.
  • Round trophies are awarded regardless of membership status.
  • Members may join at anytime in the year, and championship points accrue from then on.
  • To qualify for the club championship members must complete 1 Club Duty per year.
  • Members may have a nominated person perform their club duty on their behalf.
  • Club duties are defined by the committee.
  • Points only accrue at meetings specified as Club Championship rounds by SIKC (see SIKC calendar).
  • Race Day formats will vary during the season, refer to Supplementary regulations for each round for further detail.
  • Points are earned towards the championship from results in all heats & final based on the matrix (see points scale) for the number of competitors in the class. Points will be allocated from the matrix based on the table below:
    Point Scaling – 4 H & F
    Heats 1-3 8.3%
    Heat 4 25.00%
    Final 50.00%
    Total 100.00%


    Point Scaling – 3 H & F
    Heat 16.67%
    Final 50.00%
    Total 100.00%
  • No points will be awarded in any heat or final for DNF, DNS or DSQ.
  • The championship will nominally be held over the rounds determined by the committee to be Club Championship Rounds..
  • Drivers must compete in 2/3s of the Club Championship Rounds to be eligible for the championship. (Rounded down if necessary)
  • Drivers can drop their worst round of the Club Championship Rounds.
  • If a driver competes in more than one class at the same race meeting or different championship rounds, the points will be counted toward each individual class points WILL NOT BE COMBINED.
  • Two drivers competing in the same class CANNOT combine their points towards the overall class results and championship.
  • For the CLASS to be eligible in the Club Championship, there MUST be a minimum number of three (3) Club members who compete in at least 2/3s of championship rounds. (Rounded down if necessary).
  • Drivers who perform club duty instead of racing for the day will receive points for that round equal to the average of their points for the other Club Championship rounds in which they compete. This can only apply to one Club Championship round.
  • Class Champion is awarded to the driver with the highest points in each class after dropping their worst round.
  • Junior Club Champion is awarded to the Junior driver with the most points after dropping their worst round. If a Junior driver moves to Seniors during the year their points DO NOT transfer to the Senior Club Championship.
  • Senior Club Champion is awarded to the Senior driver with the most points after dropping their worst round.
  • Championship Trophies are awarded to the first 5 Juniors and the first 3 Seniors of each class.
  • First place will only be awarded for the Junior and Senior Club Champion.
SIKC Club Duty
  • Club duty can be carried out by the driver or their nominee.
  • A register of those completing club duty and who they are completing it on behalf of will be held by the club Secretary/Captain. This register must be completed on the day of the race meeting.
  • If a driver competes in more than one class they only need to qualify once.
  • All club duties must be signed off in the register by a Committee Member.
  • The following are defined as Club Duty:
    • Flag duty for 1 day at a race meeting
    • Working in the canteen for 1 day at a race meeting
    • Working as an official for 1 day at a race meeting
    • Attending a full 1 day recognised working bee
    • Being a member of the SIKC Committee
    • Representing SIKC at KNSW general meetings
    • Assisting with set up & pack up at 2 race meetings.
    • Other duties as determined by the committee.